Monday, November 30, 2009

First snow

Woke up this morning and it's snowing. Jazz will be in a foul mood for the day at least. Hopefully soon there will be enough to cross country ski. On the other hand we'll be stuck shoveling, wearing winter coats and boots. I hope that it'll be a cold dry winter and we won't keep having a mixture of snow, sleet and rain all the time.

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Back to the past

As you all know by now, I've been a teacher for over 30 years (and I still love doing it by the way) but having moved around a lot, I've lost track of my students over the years. This week imagine my surprise when I got a post on my Facebook page asking me if I had taught at CFB Valcartier. I answered that yes I had in the early eighties and I got a message back from one of my ex-students saying how he had liked my ESL class when he was in secondary 3 (grade nine). Since then others have also made contact from that class.
It was a really nice feeling to see that I had done a good enough job that they still remember me fondly 25 years later. Teaching adolescents is not always the easiest job nor is it the job where you get the most feedback but I think that it is the job where you can still really make a difference. And once in while, someone from the past will come by and pat you on the back and say thanks and nothing beats that.

Saturday, November 07, 2009


I seem to be pretty much blogged out these days. Inspiration just doesn't come easily and when I get home in the cold, damp November darkness, I'm too bushed to get my act together much less blog. So I've decided to take the easy way out. Here are a couple of puns taken from the Bathroom Reader Series. Enjoy....

A MAN HEARD ABOUT the discovery of gold in California. He immediately packed up his possessions and moved out west. Six months later, he gave up and returned home. Why? It didn't pan out.

A GUY GOES INTO a hardware store and asks the manager for a tool to break up the hard ground. The manager shows him a wall of shovels, hoes, and other tools and says, "Take your pick."

A RANCHER WAS taking inventory of his livestock. He figured that it wouldn't take him too long because he knew for a fact that he had exactly 196 head of cattle. But then he discovered that he actually had 200 head? How'd he find out? He rounded them up.

"DOCTOR, DOCTOR, you've got to help me!" "What's the trouble?" "One night 1 dream that I'm a car's muffler. And then the next night, I dream that I'm part of the wheel." "Why is that such a big deal?" "I wake up exhausted and tired."

JOHN LOVES WHEAT-wheat bread, wheat rolls, wheat muffins-he can't get enough wheat. Only problem: He's allergic to it. Whenever he eats it, he breaks out in a rash. But does that stop him from eating it? No, he's a real gluten for punishment.

THE STATE TREASURER had to balance the budget, so he sliced a little bit off the proposed funding for schools, parks, and other services. It was the most successful fund razor of the year.

TOM IS OBSESSED with monorails. All he ever talks about is monorails-especially how amazing it is that they travel with the use of just a single rail. He has a one-track mind.