Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth day, my day

One year older, no I don't mean Mother Earth since in geological time one year is nothing. (Mind you at the rate we are abusing our poor mother, a year might not be all that long.) No I'm a year older (56 if you want to know). Am I a wiser person? Nope I don't think so, greyer perhaps but not really wiser.
This has been a year of changes and movement.  I travelled with and without my students (see Ecuador trip), I am leaving for another class trip to Washington on Monday and going trekking with students later in May, and all this doesn't include teaching, coaching student teachers and all the other minutiae of my profession. On the home front, Mrs. BB is taking a well deserved retirement (yours truly still has a way to go but that isn't so bad since I like my job) and there are also my two grand-daughters, Zoé and Allsion, who being two year olds, have a lot more energy that poor old grand-dad. But what a wonder it is, exploring the world through their wondering eyes. So as you can see, my life has been rather busy.
I think that that is all we can really expect from life, to do whatever we can, the best we can and try to be a decent human being while doing it. That is about all  the wisdom I have. I know that I'm far from being enlightened and sainthood would sit rather badly on my shoulders (I get rather grumpy with life's stupidities and usually don't suffer fools gladly), but I do my best and that's all I can ask of myself. So here's to another year and may it be as well filled as the last.