Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Trying again

It seems that the earlier versions of IE no longer do my blog.... I usually use Scribefire, a Firefox add-on, to write and post my blog but for this post I'm using Blogger's blogging engine. Now I'll see if it is Blogger or Scribefire that is having problems. Please leave a message if you see it OK using IE 6 or earlier. Thanks.

Blogger or M$ Explorer???

It seems that either blogger doesn't like Explorer with my blog or Explorer has figured out that I am a Macintosh person and has decided to boycott my blog. I'm posting this to see if it can be seen by Explorer. Since I use Firefox or Safari I can't really tell. So if you can see this post let me know.é

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Let the bells ring and the banners fly...

Let the bells ring and the banners fly, I'm done, I'm finally done. All my orals, compositions and exams are finished, corrected and the marks finally entered into the school's data base... and all that despite the fact that they cut off two days from the deadline about two weeks before the end. So much for planning. So unless there is a f**k up at their end, my endless days of correction are finished. Yahooo!

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Bring the man home.

I was just reading a news story from the CBC about the Mr. Abdelrazik, a canadian, who has been stranded in Sudan for the last six years and living in the Canadian Embassy for the last year all because the Canadian government under our right wing reactionary PM, Harper, refuses to give him his travel papers. As a reason they give the fact that he is on a UN terrorist watch list list even though the RCMP and CSIS (our clownishly paranoid spy agency. kind of like a CIA wanna-be) have cleared him of having any terrorist links. (They were probably the ones that put him on the list in the first place. What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty)
Today the Federal Court of Canada has told the Canadian Government that by refusing to repatriate him, they are denying him his rights as guaranteed under the Charter of Rights in the Constitution. Otherwise saying they are breaking the law, pretty much as "Bushie" was doing during his mandate. These right wing rednecks are really not great believers in the rule of law. The court has given them thirty days to comply, and what do you think their answer was... "The Department of Justice will study the judgement." How much do you want to bet they'll appeal and stall it in the courts until they get booted out of parliament. Canadians should be ashamed of having elected such a bunch of right wing reactionary morons.
Mr. Prime Minister, your role is to uphold the Canadian Constitution and the rule of law. If you can't do anything else right can you at least try to do that.