Sunday, February 05, 2012

Winter photos

Here are a couple of photos I took as I was cross country skiing. The woodpecker was completely oblivious to the strange creatures below that shushed by on strange narrow feet. ;o) 

We have not been having a great winter for outdoor sports, a rather cool, damp, rainy winter with plenty of freezing rain which doesn't make it easy to ski. 

The other pictures were taken at my place where there was ice hanging down from the barbecue. I found the intense blue of the ice with the reflection of the deck behind rather beautiful so I went out onto the deck to take closeup pictures of the ice as it shone in the sun.



alison said...

Those are gorgeous photos! And that's a large woodpecker. We saw a woodpecker when we were out on our chickadee hike on Saturday, but it was about the size of a pigeon and was black with white spots and a red head. The photos of ice are so artistic.

choochoo said...

Great pics. I've never been able to ski without injuring myself and have long since given up on the project. So I settle for taking pictures of stuff around the house. Mostly Pooch.