Friday, February 25, 2011

Traveling again

At the moment we are on the road again. This time we are spending A week in the south of Spain at Marbella on the Costa del Sol. You see Mrs. BB and I were a bit tired of the cold, damp and cold. I usually don't mind winter but since we had a warm spell that melted the snow an then a cold snap that refroze it all I haven't been able to cross country ski so it has been rather boring. There is also the Rénovations we are having done in the house. Camping in the basement is not all it is cut out to be and we had to be out of the house anyhow when they varnished the floors. So here we are making my lil' sister Jazz grind her teeth, with the sea, blue skies and temperatures in the 20's celsius.
Here are a couple of pictures for you.

Our plane

View from the hotel

Our hotel

The mediteranean

The water front

Old town

The arab walls 9th century

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Location:Plaza Puente de Málaga,Marbella,Espagne

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hell it’s February

I’ve been brain dead for a while and couldn’t seem to get the energy to write something. No sun does that to me. To the contrary of my lil sister Jazz I like the cold crisp air of winter as long as I can get my dose of sunlight. No sunlight gets to me every time.

Now what is going on in our part of the world. First of all our elected representatives are being their usual brainless selves. Last week they voted unanimously to ban the kirpan from the National Assembly. Why, because it is a weapon of mass destruction and the person would be able to take them all hostage and create murder and mayhem. Mind you a kirpan is a small dull bladed knife about 3 inches long, in fact the table knives of the National Assembly restaurant are probably longer and sharper. (If someone did however take them all hostage with a kirpan, I for one would vote NOT to pay the ransom...) I sometimes wonder what could possibly go through politician’s heads besides currents of air. Are they obligated to get a brainectomy before taking office. Small wonder they are less popular than a Jehovah’s witness going from door to door.

This morning I was listening to the CBC when I heard a news report about Scott Newark’s new crime statistics report where he states that crime is really going up and the Stats Canada statistics saying that crime is going down are all flawed (with a soupçon of "Is there a conspiracy » thrown in). Now seems to be legitimate until you realize that it is the same thing that the Conservative Harper government has been saying to justify spending billions of dollars to beef up the prison system because they want to get tough on crime. Then you realize that he was the senior policy advisor (which also led to a scandal) to the minister of public safety, Stockwell Day, the same man who is pushing hard for more prisons, longer sentences because don’t you know.... OH MY GOD, CRIME IS GOIN' UP EVERYWHERE... PUT THEM ALL IN PRISON AND THROW AWAY THE KEY. (He is probably also a closet believer in capital punishment, but can’t say it yet...). Scott Newark is also the man who said, 
"Anything effective in law enforcement will inevitably be forbidden under the Charter [the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms]. As we always say, the charter helps only murderers, pedophiles and judges. » 
Talk about respect for the highest law in the land from a law and order guy. Anyhow, I can’t imagine that the politicians think that we’d be taken in by such an obvious ploy, do they seriously think we are as stupid as they are? Hmmm maybe they do.