Sunday, October 30, 2011

Where my roots are.

We've lived in Montréal for the last 25 years yet Québec is still the city that feels the most like home. I guess its the fact that my roots are there and my ancestors have been there since the late 17th century. So this weekend,  Mrs. BB and I went to visit my family in Québec City and it just felt like coming home. It is a strange feeling. I am an airforce brat and as I was growing up we moved around from place to place. Then, when I was a 17,  I moved to Québec City to go to college and as I got off the bus, for the first time in my life, I felt like I was coming home to where my roots were. Even today after 25 years I still, in my heart of hearts, consider Québec to be home. I'll probably never live there again since my life and family are all here in Montréal , but Québec will always be home. Here are some pictures of "Le Vieux Québec"

Vieux Québec 3

Vieux Québec 5

Vieux Québec 10

Vieux Québec 14

Vieux Québec 17


Vieux Québec 23

Vieux Québec 24

Vieux Québec 25

Vieux Québec 26

Vieux Québec 28

Vieux Québec 30


Anonymous said...

How did you manage to empty the streets?

Funny, for me, Montreal is home, Quebec never felt like it was in all the time I lived there.

Big Brother said...

I just told everyone to go home, I wanted to take some pictures. ;o)

geewits said...

Great pictures! It's nice to know there's someplace I could go on a relatively short plane ride and feel like I was in Europe.

Big Brother said...

geewits, Québec is probable the closest thing to Europe you’ll get here in North America. On top of that you get great restaurants and a way to practice your French.